Double bread

Double bread

One loaf is yours, the other you donate
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Double bread Ingredients

Twice as good bread

Well done!

Not only you do something good for yourself, but you also help us to donate the same bread to people who need it most. For each bought DOUBLE BREAD, we donate one loaf to those who cannot afford this staple. We find this unacceptable, so thank you for supporting us!

It is important to know that DOUBLE bread is completely natural and free from additives, but it does contain saved barley* which is produced during the Žuja beer brewing process making it highly nutritious and rich in minerals, proteins and fibre. It is made by hand, using natural yeast, which gives it a special, fresh bread aroma and a very long shelf-life.

Together with Zagrebačka pivovara, we have developed sustainable bread, which is eco-friendly and a fair-trade product.



  • SALT
  • OIL

* Saved barley is beer barley that is left when brewing beer, but which we give a new life to by using it for making bread.


One and one aren’t two but Double Bread! This bread can only be #doublebetter if you help us to make it twice as good.


1. Idea

This isn't just our surplus bread that we have decided to donate because we don't know what to do with it. Just the opposite! We started from scratch with the idea that we want to give everyone the opportunity to consume the highest quality bread we can make. That’s why we have integrated all our knowledge, experience and creativity in making natural wild yeast bread to the production of Double Bread. The unique combination of saved, beer barley and natural yeast results in bread that is distinctively tasty, complex in flavour, highly nutritious, and of exceptionally long shelf-life. It is daily kneaded and hand-shaped at the Kroštulina bakery in Pakoštane. Without chemical additives, of course.

2. Better business model

All our friends and partners in this project - we as the manufacturer, our suppliers, sellers and buyers - waive our right to a portion of the profits, committed to do good, and that is to give people who cannot afford it the opportunity to get quality and healthy bread on their table. With every single purchase of Double Bread at any store, we undertake to produce and donate the same amount of bread to our partner organisations that provide food for the needy.

3. Better humanitarian model

We have connected and involved all important organisations and associations that are committed to the nutrition of the most vulnerable groups in this project and created a network that daily receives and distributes Double Bread to people in need. What makes it better is the fact that we don´t vote for empty promises, so we have made it transparent how much bread we have sold and how much we have donated. You can check at any time which amount of Double Bread has been delivered to which location.

4. Better sustainability

In addition to environment and people, by using beer barley, raw materials extremely rich in fibre and protein, we are solving the problem of intelligent use of by-products which are generally unnecessary in the beer industry and are therefore often wasted. Together with Zagrebačka pivovara, which donates its beer barley, we have developed sustainable bread, which is eco-friendly and a fair-trade product.

5. Better you

Without you, Double Bread is just another good bread - when you become a part of the story by buying it, then it becomes #doublebetter because as such it is consumed by someone who otherwise couldn't afford it. So by buying just one loaf of bread, you too become a #doublebetter person.


Thanks to our partners who have recognised the idea and the importance of this project, and you who buy Double Bread, we can together make sure that not a single person in Croatia is without this essential product.

Partner of the project

Zagrebačka pivovara

Media partner

Hanza Media

Trading partners

Interspar, Kaufland, Konzum, Studenac, Metro

Who do we make double bread for

Associations and organisations which in their work are concerned with the nutrition of persons who, due to poor financial conditions, cannot often do it on their own, round up the meaning of this project which begins with the process of bread production in Kroštula. Upon receiving information on the quantities of Double Bread sold by our trading partners, we produce the same quantity of bread and distribute it to the companies on the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia in order to ensure an uninterrupted and stable supply of Double Bread to the consumers.

Caritas of the Archdiocese of Zagreb, Zadar, Đakovačko-Osijek and Split-Makarska

City Society of Red Cross Vrbovec



We would like to involve as many stakeholders as possible in this project, so please let us know how you would like to contribute to the creation of a double better story.

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